Improving email deliverability using MX, SPF and PTR records

Junk email is a widely acknowledged bain of any email inbox, with current statistics suggesting that spam email is responsible for over 60% of all email traffic. What can be worse however, for both users and valid service operators, is email being misclassified as spam.

The below is a guide to allow email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook/Hotmail to determine effectively whether email you are sending should be classified as spam or not.

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Configuring postfix’s outbound email server

If you need to configure your local server to send outbound email via a specific host (such as if your server does not have port 25 access to the internet or if you are using Amazon’s SES service to send your emails using the SMTP host integration method), you may wish to configure your postfix service to send all emails via a specified SMTP server. This is often referred to as a “Smart host” or “Relay host”. Doing so will eliminate the requirement to configure the use of an external mail server/service in your code files for each specific application and to the application will appear to be a local mailing service.

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