Meltdown, Spectre and “Cloud Myths”

Meltdown and Spectre logos

With the news, impact analysis and resolution of the Meltdown and Spectre fun still ongoing, it’s fair to say there’s been a few difficult discussions ongoing worldwide about how to resolve the issue but there’s also been the fair share of #fakenews making its way around that could be considered “Cloud Myths”.

Without going into the details too much of Meltdown and Spectre (because there’s much more intelligent security teams publishing details about that), let’s address some of the Cloud Myths:

“These updates are going to cause me unacceptable downtime”

AWS, Azure, GCP and others have all been completing patching and rolling reboots for their infrastructure (or will do so soon) and additional patching may (depending on your platform) be required for your instance level Operating Systems with additional reboots.  Unfortunately, there’s multiple complaints of those reboots meaning downtime to users.

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