2017: The year of browser certificate warnings?

With the world rapidly moving towards a “HTTPS by default” approach, Mozilla reporting over 48% of webpages in Firefox being loaded via HTTPS and Google now serving 85% of their traffic over HTTPS the web is undoubtedly becoming more secure for transport (in one way and does not necessarily mean more secure overall), however it’s looking likely to be a rougher road to HTTPS than it’s been in the past.

Starting January 2017 (or whenever Chrome 56/Firefox 51 rolls): Part 1

Users in Chrome and Firefox will start to see sites using WoSign and StartCom Certificates getting Certificate Warnings as Google moves to distrust the organisations issues certificates in response to “WoSign knowingly and intentionally misissued certificates in order to circumvent browser restrictions and CA requirements” and attempting to “mislead the browser community”. Firefox is also following the same process

Starting January 2017 (or whenever Chrome 56/Chrome 51 rolls): Part 2

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