Redirect multiple domains to one site using Cloudflare

If you’ve got more than one domain (such as,, etc.) that you want to be redirected to the same site (, then it can easily be configured using Cloudflare’s PageRule functionality.


This guide assumes you’re already using Cloudflare’s services for all the domains to be redirected and have caching/performance enabled (i.e. not DNS only). If not, go follow this guide from Cloudflare

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Performance, Availability and Security for success

When designing for critical applications, such as e-commerce sites or applications, where Performance, Availability and Security influence revenues, it is important to optimise at multiple points for success.

Location, Location, Location

With an ever increasing number of Data Centre locations and providers to choose from, it is generally possible to keep data and application systems within the same continent as users when working on a regional market, sometimes even within the country. Even for global applications, whilst the increase in legal complexity may introduce challenges for some markets, it is still possible to provide your users with a highly performant site.

One of the methods to achieve this is by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve your site from multiple locations worldwide, which (given the choice available of providers) likely includes from a Point of Presence (POP) within the country or countries of your target market.

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