Improving email deliverability using MX, SPF and PTR records

Junk email is a widely acknowledged bain of any email inbox, with current statistics suggesting that spam email is responsible for over 60% of all email traffic. What can be worse however, for both users and valid service operators, is email being misclassified as spam.

The below is a guide to allow email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook/Hotmail to determine effectively whether email you are sending should be classified as spam or not.

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Best practice Apache SSL configuration – Ciphers

Upon installation, the default Apache SSL configuration for SSL standards are not optimal and will achieve low scores when run through SSL implementation testing services such as Qualys’ SSL Labs.

The below configuration lines can be added to your Apache configuration to achieve a higher grade and improve the security of your SSL/HTTPS implementation using Apache and OpenSSL. As of February 2014 this configuration achieves an “A-” on the Qualys results when using RedHat/CentOS operating system and standard repo installations of Apache and OpenSSL. The main reason that the result is not better is due to the fact that RedHat currently has concerns over “possible patent issues”.

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